Monday, October 25, 2010

Quote of the day - Bauer


"If typos were terrorists, I would be Jack Bauer"

Said by Daniel Grosvenor on "Freak like me" (BBC3):
I was walking down Queen Street with Nate and Paula a few months back when two girls shoved a camera in our faces and asked “Do you do anything weird?” Paula, who is far too helpful for her own good, made us stop and think intently about this before chirping up with “Well, I only use toilet paper if the number of sheets is divisible by four. He always takes photographs of his food, and he’s a Grammar Nazi.”

The girls excitedly interviewed us then scuttled off and we carried about our day. Being attacked by random people on Queen Street is actually quite common so we didn’t think too much of it, but about a month later I got a call from Endemol saying: “We loved your audition tape. Can we put you in our programme?”

Apparently ranting about why I’d never date a girl who couldn’t differentiate between you’re and your is now classed as an audition!

» Read the full story at Daniel Grosvenor - Grammar Nazi Extraordinaire


1 comment:

Daniel Grosvenor said...

I still can't believe how fucking BALD I looked in one of those shots!

Think it's about time I shaved my head...

Cheers for the quote!


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